Scented spray captures odors

Spray for WC POO-POURRI "Original Citrus" 10ml

Makes your bathroom perfumed and free of odors

 POO-POURRI                                848858012116

Perfume in spray for water captures smells and perfumes the environment

Spray the poo-pourri perfume in the water of the toilet bowl to imprison the bad smells and to let off the pleasant perfume of the spray.

10ml plastic bottle.

The fragrance is "Original Citrus" which is a mixture of citrus scents like lemon and bergamot

STAMPISSE S.a.s. - PORTA DELLA CAVINA Rivenditore autorizzato
a Montepulciano e Pienza
specializzato in fragranze e profumatori per ambiente (home fragrances)


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